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Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai, also called as the mountain of Moses, mount Horeb, mount Tur, located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. According to the texts of the old Testament, mount Sinai was given by the Lord to Moses the law, which consists of the ten commandments. On the mountain lies the chapel of the Holy Trinity, which was built in the 4th century and where the jewel is in the form of a plate inscribed with the Law given by the Lord himself. It is called the Tablets of the Covenant. Nearby the mosque, which was built in the 12th century. At the moment both buildings are closed.

Climbing mount Sinai

On the top of mount Sinai are also numerous shrines and revered places that attract thousands of pilgrims every year. To get there, you must overcome 2285 meters high, the climb lasts about three hours. There are two ways of climbing the mountain. One road is considered to be shorter and more difficult due to the coolness and looks in the form of steps cut in the rock, called the Stairway of Repentance. The number of stages is about 3100, the passage through it of the only possible day. The second path is longer, it is called the Camel trail, as it is possible to go part of the way on camels. The trail is dotted with tents to stay, where to eat hot drinks, sweets. It is believed that the last seven steps we should walk. On the way to the top are two spring - first spring of Moses, which flows from the mountains, then the spring is Elijah mentioned in the old Testament.

Pilgrims started to climb mount Sinai in the first century after the birth of Christianity. One of the first royals, visited the mountain, became the Empress of Byzantium - Helen, who ordered to build the temple of the Burning Bush. Another, not less famous pilgrim was the prophet Muhammad, who promised protection to the monastery of St. Catherine located at the foot of the mountain. It is worth noting that for all time of existence of the monastery was subjected to attacks and destruction.