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Granite quarry

Granite stone quarry located to the South-East of Aswan city on the right Bank of the Nile and cover an area of about 20 square kilometers. Granite for the pyramids probably mined in the Northern part. For the erection of tombs the ancient Egyptians only used building stones in perfect condition. One of the first pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser was the inner chamber of Aswan granite.

The pyramid of durable and solid stone, first built for the king Khufu granite used for burial chambers, passages and sarcophagus. For the pyramids of Khafre and menkaure again was used a large number of granite. 16 outer stone layers of the pyramid of menkaure made entirely of this breed, produced in the quarries of Aswan.

On the local developments of the extracted red, gray and black granite. The most famous monuments of local breeds are: Cleopatra's Needle, crypts, sarcophagi, columns and other structures in the great pyramid at Giza. Famous attraction is the unfinished obelisk in the Northern quarry, which is open to inspection in 2005. It was commissioned by Hatshepsut (1508-1458 BC). This is probably the second part of the Lateran obelisk (which originally was located at Karnak, and was then taken to the Lateran Palace in Rome). In the case of completion of the work, the approximate dimensions of the monument would have been about 42 m, and the weight could be about 1200 tons. The creators of the obelisk began to separate it directly out of bedrock, but cracks appeared in the granite and the project was abandoned. The lower part of the obelisk is still attached to bedrock. This unfinished obelisk is a great opportunity to see ancient Egyptian stone-working techniques on the monument traces of working tools and lines of ochre. In addition to this monument in granite quarry was discovered rock drawings.

All the quarries in Aswan and the unfinished objects are an open air Museum and are under official protection of the state.