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Palace and Park of Montazah

Montaza Palace is a complex of buildings and gardens in the Montazah district in Alexandria. It was built to the East of the city centre, on a low plateau overlooking the beach and Mediterranean sea.

On the vast grounds first, there was a relatively small Palace Selamlik. The building, designed in the Austrian style in 1892 as a hunting Lodge for the Khedive Abbas II, the last ruler of the dynasty of Muhammad Ali and his companions.

The great Palace of al-Haramlik and Royal gardens were added to the site later, during the reign of king Fuad in 1932. This residence was used as a Royal summer house, when in Cairo there is too hot. The construction of a mixed pseudo-Moorish and Florentine architectural style, replete with design elements and details, and its two towers - copies of the towers of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, rises above the main building. Feature of the Palace is the presence on each floor open arcades with a sea view.

Some time ago, President Anwar El-Sadat used the reconstructed Palace Salamlek as his official residence. Al-Haramlik is the state historical Museum, is temporarily closed.

Currently in a small Palace a luxury hotel, and the Park of al-Montazah with a size of 61 hectares, is open as a public landscape Park and forest reserve. In addition, the local coves and sandy beaches - a favorite vacation spot of tourists and local residents.