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The Dolphinarium, located in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh, in Hadaba at the intersection of two streets Sharm El Isee Street and City Council Street is the most popular cultural and entertainment establishment in the city.

In the Egyptian dolphinariums are the true Russian artists: Masha, Stesha and Styopa. Trainers from the Krasnodar region have taught dolphins to perform complex tricks, play volleyball and even draw pictures. Therefore, if you are tortured by homesickness, be sure to visit the show bottlenose dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh. The show was really enjoyed by the residents that attend the performances and the Egyptians.

Dolphins love not only children but also adults. Hour show featuring three of the best artists-the dolphins will not leave anyone indifferent. Children with great enthusiasm, will accompany each number, and the trick made by bottlenose dolphins. And adults will be amazed by the dexterity, ingenuity and skill of these beautiful and intelligent marine animals.

For visitors of Dolphinarium tour is available. After the performance, the dolphins held an impromptu auction, where, if lucky enough, you can become the owner of a colored picture drawn on cardboard by a Dolphin.

Use dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh, a huge success. Every day on the bottlenose dolphins come to see dozens of visitors. After the show everyone can not only take a picture with a water artists, and even swim with them in the pool.

Before the show at the Dolphinarium is very frequently a local folk ensemble. Also on-site Dolphinarium everyone will be able to find interesting and beautiful Souvenirs and t-shirts in memory of the Dolphinarium.

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