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Valley of the Queens in Thebes

Valley of the Queens is located to the South-West of the Valley of the kings. Here lie the many wives and children of the pharaohs. Half of the 79 tombs have not yet been identified. At the same time to visit open only a few.

The most famous tomb of Queen Nefertari, favorite wife of Ramesses II. The walls of the tomb is decorated with images of the Queen in the company of various gods. A burial chamber with 4 columns painted with scenes from the Book of the dead. Recently completed restoration of the tomb, so visitors access here is strictly limited.

Wonderfully colorful murals have been preserved in the tomb of titi. On the walls of the burial chamber you can see the image of the goddess Hathor as a cow against a mountain landscape and in human form, animating the Queen of the Nile waters.

In the tomb of Prince Longerhave preserved colorful wall paintings with a predominance of ultramarine color, depicting the Pharaoh to accompany his young son to the gods of the underworld. Here were found small mummy of a five month old baby.