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The Fortress Of Suomenlinna

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Built 250 years ago, the sea fortress of Suomenlinna (the second name - "Sveaborg") is a jewel of Finland: a picturesque oasis, surrounded by the clean sea air, just a 15-minute ferry ride from the city centre. Its Museum, galleries, restaurants, cafes, parks and the coast attract not just look for a moment, and to spend the whole day there, which will long remain in memory. "Suomenlinna" is included in the list of monuments of world heritage of UNESCO.

According to the decision of the Swedish Parliament in the XVIII century started the construction of Sveaborg, the most powerful fortress in the whole Northern Kingdom. The Fort, built to protect the entrance to the harbour at Helsinki in 1918, along with the independence of Finland was given the name Suomenlinna, the "Finnish fortress". A separate fortification located on six Islands close to shore. The four Islands form a defensive line, and in the middle is the former administrative centre. Although during its history the fortress has never been taken by assault, its defenders successfully resisted the Russian army in 1809, and in 1855, during the Crimean war, the fortress came under fire from the British ships.

Now in the territory of the fortress are: the Museum "Suomenlinna"; Ehrensvard Museum; Museum of toys and dolls; submarine", Vesikko"; the coast artillery Museum, Customs Museum, etc.