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The Waterfall Imatra

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Occurring within the city, the river Vuoksi originates in lake Saimaa and flows into lake Ladoga, forming numerous rapids and powerful Imatrankoski falls. Once this waterfall is called "Finnish Niagara" and in 1772 they admired the Russian Empress Catherine II.

Before a Grand natural phenomenon could be observed in their natural form, but after the construction of hydroelectric power in 1929, the falls of Imatra turned into a tourist attraction. Free drop of water in the canyon is on the clock: in the period from 8 June to 25 August daily at 19.00, on Sunday at 15.00. In August there is also a special screening of when the raft with a huge bonfire starts downstream of the waterfall. On the eve of the New year arranged representation of Sylvester: "included" waterfall, thunders and sparkles of the fireworks. The canyon is full of granite boulders, looks impressive any time of year.

The Imatra waterfall surrounded by a Park Kruununpuisto (Kruununpuisto) is the oldest Park in Finland.