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The village of Santa Claus and Santa Park

Photos and description

The Santa Claus village on the Arctic circle, 9 km from Rovaniemi is a place where any day you can meet Santa Claus and his gnomes. Here are his office and post office. He lives with his wife - aunt Moore in the hut on the hill Korvatunturi in 170 km from Rovaniemi. Only spirits can go to the hill. No man saw the hut of Santa Claus.

Santa Park - a new and unique theme Park located on the way from Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village. A huge indoor complex, built in the snow and permafrost, filled with entertainment. Theatre performances and slide shows, games and rides, exhibitions and souvenir shops are immersed in the world of Christmas tales and Christmas adventures.

The Park is located 5 km from Rovaniemi, 2 km from the airport. Open year-round. From the village of Santa Claus to Santa Park bus service runs regularly. In winter you can take a trip on a dog sled or snowmobile.