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Water Park "Sapokka"

Photos and description

Park “Sapokka”, recognized as the most environmental-friendly centre, built using various types of natural stones and the best lighting. This water Park has been in the entire history of its existence the greatest number of awards of Finland in various categories.

“Sapokka”surrounded by a Bay which in its form resembles the boots. It is not surprising that there are versions of the origin of the name of the Park from the Russian word “boot”. But this is only a conjecture resourceful tourists.

Rumbling hole waterfall, breaking up into small streams, beautiful ponds and diverse vegetation with a unique fragrance of summer, the bright colors of autumn and the silent frozen Bay in the winter are invited to visit the beautiful water Park “Sapokka” at any time of the year.

In addition to walking as locals and tourists make here run, play and frolic with children and Dating. On summer evenings in the “Spoke” can catch small concerts and performances organized here on a special summer stage.

An amazing combination of three components: water, stone and light in the Park creates a feeling of harmony and peace.