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The majestic castle, built of grey stone, has witnessed many historical events in life of the country. His most brilliant time this massive Castle has survived in the mid 16th century during the time of Duke Johan and his wife Katarina Jagellonica, when halls were built in the Renaissance style. However, the most visited place of the fortress is the prison of Eric XIV. In the Church of the Castle presents a significant collection of medieval wooden sculptures, and in the exhibition hall of the attic of a medieval fortress - objects of decorative art and glassware, porcelain and metal, antique toys.

At the front of the Castle is located the Historical Museum of Turku, which with the help of exhibits and layouts presents the local history of the city. To exposures this part of the Castle are also rooms decorated in styles of different eras, and a study with a collection of coins and medals. Annually themed exhibitions dedicated to significant dates and events. In the Museum shop you can buy Souvenirs, publications and gifts.