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Photos and description

Vintage Imperial fishing Lodge built on the rapids of the river Langinkoski, Grand Duke of Finland Alexander III in 1889 in a conservation area, a few years were Finnish manor for the summer holidays of the Royal family. It is located in a picturesque Park with the Orthodox chapel of the beginning of the XIX century, built by the monks of the Valaam monastery for organization of Orthodox events.

Two-storey house is very well preserved. Visitors gaze appears massive furniture made of Karelian birch, placed in the living room, kitchen, office and bedrooms.

A favorite pastime of the Empress Maria Feodorovna during a stay in Langinkoski was cooking for her family, and the Emperor spent his free time enthusiastically watching the fish.

After the death of Alexander III, the locals in 1896 he established in his memory a stone with the inscription that the Emperor enjoy here the tranquility and comfort under the protection of the loyal people.

Currently Langinkoski only allowed Amateur fishing waders. The Museum is a replica 36-pound salmon in their natural size, caught in 1896 by a local fisherman.