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Snow castle

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An exclusive attraction is the Kemi Snow Castle, which since 1996, is built every winter on the Central square. Perfect backdrop for a winter adventure here be beautifully illuminated sculptures of ice and snow and sound effects. In "Snow restaurant", decorated with made of snow and ice figures, even the tables of the ice and the same ice seats covered in reindeer skins. Here are treated with traditional Lappish dishes.

Snow hotel "Mammoth" will give You the chance to experience the real cold of the polar night: the temperature in the rooms does not exceed -5C but warm sleeping bags to ensure a good night's sleep. There is also a chapel, where people come for the wedding couples not only from Finland but also from other countries. Directly into the icy walls You will also be able to enjoy the heat of the Finnish sauna "on-black" and immerse yourself in the caressing warmth of the bath.