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Old town

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The most popular and visited in Porvoo the Old town and the beautiful Cathedral located there (this is the third most popular Church of Finland, judging by the number of visitors). The layout of the Old city preserved from the middle ages almost unchanged. It is dominated by low wooden houses painted in bright colors, colorful courtyards, narrow, curving cobblestone streets.

Basically, this part of the city was constructed by the famous architect C. L. Engel after the devastating fire of 1760. The symbol of the city is the low picturesque houses along the river, painted in traditional red-brown color.

A simple walk around this area is already a pleasant pastime. Cozy Christmas lighting emphasizes the beauty of Old Porvoo in December and January.

The Cathedral was repeatedly reconstructed, and its status was completed in 1723. The pediment of the Church is richly decorated with stucco, and inside the Church there is a plaque that tells about what took place here historical Bolosky the Sejm with the participation of the Russian Emperor Alexander I, when Finland was proclaimed the Grand Duchy.