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House Söderholm

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House of söderholm's oldest stone building, built in 1757 in the historical centre of Helsinki, constituting a single architectural ensemble of the Senate square.

At one time the house belonged to an influential Swedish merchant Johan Söderholm, who was replaced by several succeeding generations of owners. After the house in 1865 was bought by the merchant Kiselev and added balustrades, expanded and installed additional Windows and doors, the house was voted the most beautiful in Helsinki.

In the period from 1912 to 1946гг. the building was empty. After the restoration in a former merchant's house is the City court, and then in 1985, the facility was given to the Museum, which opened to the public only in 1995.

Now the Museum presents a collection of original items and items XVIII-th century merchant life., acquainting visitors with the life of this estate in its heyday. In the House of söderholm are temporary exhibitions on contemporary life and development of Helsinki.