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The Saimaa canal Museum

Photos and description

The Saimaa canal was first built in the Finnish Grand Duchy in the years 1845-1856 and made the necessary navigable route from lake Saimaa to the Gulf of Finland.

In 1968, after the reconstruction of the canal was again opened for local and international transport of industrial goods and commodities. Its length is 57.3 km and a throughput of 11.5 thousand different ships.

The Saimaa canal Museum began its work in 1995. In the exposition basis all periods of the development of this transport artery of the country. Here are the layouts of gateways, office of the chief, uniform of employees, historical documents, photographs and model ships. In one of the rooms hangs a large map with marked routes passing through the Saimaa canal.

Tourists are offered water excursion by boat to the gateway of the “Malki”, during which the opportunity to see the granite memorial signs installed along the banks and to perpetuate the names of the builders who contributed to the creation of the channel. In the summer the court also sent to Vyborg and back.

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