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Lutheran Church

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The Lutheran Church of Rovaniemi was built in 1950.by architect Bertel of Liaquat. The previous Church building was destroyed during the war, in 1944. Now in its place, to the left of the entrance of the new Church, lies the stone.

In the Church yard there is a memorial to Finnish soldiers who died during the Second World war. And opposite is a monument to Finnish independence fighters who fell in 1918.

The interior of the Church adorns chetyrnadtsatiletney altar fresco “fountain of life”, written by Lennart Segerstrale. In the Church, can accommodate up to 1,000 worshipers. In 1987. was purchased and consecrated the organ with 4000 pipes, 45 registers, three manuals and a pedal, manufactured in Denmark. On the roof of the Church is a steeple with a cross, whose total height is 54 meters.

The Lutheran Church is open in summer and during Christmas holidays daily. At other times by arrangement.