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The Russian fortress of Bomarsund

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The Russian fortress of Bomarsund is one of the most important historicalcomparative Aland Islands. Its ruins are located 25 km from Portomarin in the city of Mariehamn commune Sund. The Russian Empire started to vasodilate belonging to her at the time of the Aland Islands in 1832году. However, the construction was not destined to end in 1846.construction work was suspended in connection with the transfer Krastina military position, during the Crimean war, the fortress balabanesti destroyed by Anglo-French attack in 1854.The main Fort of the fortress was erected on the island of Aland in the past 12 years. Dopolnenie it was planned to build a 14 oboronitelniye, of which only 3 were completed by the beginning of the Crimean war.Interesting is the fact that the construction of the Bomarsund worked not only ordinary soldiers, but also convicts. In casalucense quite often attempted to escape, masteensaari received substantial income from the hunt for the fugitive.

In the Fort managed to build an Orthodox Church next to krepostyu housed a garrison town, and on the island of Presto chiffon kind of fabric the hospital, and several warehouses. However, perenapravlenie all the buildings were burned by the population, lest dalvostugol the enemy to take refuge in them during the battle.

Unfortunately, from the mighty Bastion in our days only a few ruins remain. Nesmotrya this fortress still attracts tourists from allparts of the state of the world as one of the most interesting dostoprimechtelnostyami Islands.

Red brick with blown up the walls of Bomarsund which later turned into osnovannoi structures. So bomarsundskaya red bricks ispolzovalsya pravoslavnogo construction of the assumption Cathedral in Helsinki. Lishinskaia guns and fragments of the walls are reminiscent of masterizacao on the island battle. The most beautiful views of Landhouse from the ruins of the tower Notic. And not far from the fortress, on jugoistocne rocky passage between the Islands is the Museum of Bomarsund.