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Dreamland mummy Troll is on a small island near the town of Naantali, 16 km from Turku. In this magical place you will see a home fun family, yellow house Hamula, ice house Morra, cave Hatifnats, and on the Wharf you can find a huge pink dragon.

In the heart of the valley is a round blue tower - this is the house in which they live heroes of books by Tove Jansson. All of the furnishings are multi-storey dwellings designed to increase preteen. The rooms Moomin-Papa, Moomin-Mama, the kitchen, living room and bathroom Moomin a lot of different things available for visitors: a typewriter, a chest of drawers with the hats and canes, hammock, beds, chairs where you can rest. Everything here is provided to detail - from books to dishes and replicas of various products in the kitchen.

At the entrance to a fabulous house guests are greeted by fairytale characters of the mummy-Dol, arranging games and communicating with children. From the house a footpath leads to the Parking lot of Sniff, where there is a canvas tent, from which are heard the sounds of harmonica, benches, and divorced over a fire heated kettle.

At the pier moored two-decked ship Moomin Papa on the deck which can swing in the hammock or climb the rope ladders and ropes, and also to see the window floating fish.

Nearby is the yellow house Hamula containing a collection of butterflies, of herbarium specimens, microscopes, books and other items.

Walking through the forest maze, you will encounter a big pink dragon, ice house Morra, enter the cave Hatifnats. And on the beach, suitable for children in the restaurant Kitchen “Moomin Mama” serves delicious pancakes with raspberry jam.

Country mummy-Troll receives guests only in summer because in winter they hibernate. However, during the school winter break is a fabulous place works.