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Esplanadna Park

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The Esplanade Park is located between two streets - North and South Esplanade. It Engel included in the development plan of the city, this Park already in 1812, and he also gave Espa, as the locals call this green island, that elegance that has made it not only a destination but also a tourist attraction.

At the beginning of the Park there is a restaurant Kappeli, built in 1867 and was rebuilt many times. In the summer on the open stage hosts daily performances.

In the center of the Park of the Esplanade a statue of Finland's national poet, the author of the text of the national anthem of the country.L. Runeberg, performed by the poet's son Walter Runeberg. The monument was inaugurated in 1885, ten years after the poet's death.

At the Eastern end of Esplanade Park is a fountain, decorated with bronze figure of a girl. When in 1908 at the opening of the fountain with a girl fell bedspreads, the good people of Helsinki were shocked. Now naked Havis Amanda (translated from Swedish means "sea nymph"), the work of sculptor Ville Vallgren, is the decoration of the Park and no longer bother.