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Maritime centre Vellamo

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This unusual impressive size of the complex built by the project of Professor Ilmari Villa in 2008 on the territory of modern port Kantasatama approached with the oldest icebreaker-Museum “Tarmo” (1907), in its external appearance similar to a terrible shaft of gigantic proportions. The length of the building, the roof of which is a platform with a panoramic view of the city and the sea is 300 m, and height up to 30 m.

The Museum complex consists of the Maritime Museum of Finland, Museum of Kymenlaakso and Information centre Vellamo. Inside, oak wood and striking color palette - from green and orange to deep blue, showing various ships, boats, port cargo cranes, etc. the Sparkling facade in a sea of reflections of metal and glass gives the whole a special personality.

The clearing house stores the print edition, e-books and magazines. Maritime Museum of Finland presents its main exhibition dedicated to the history and development of navigation in Northern waters. The Museum of Kymenlaakso, visitors are introduced to the material and spiritual heritage of the city and the region of Kymenlaakso, as well as the history of Maritime safety. It also includes the client terminal and a jukebox with recordings of folk tunes, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.