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Fortress Linnoitus

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Lappeenranta in Finnish means “Bank of the Lapps”. Founded in 1649 by Swedish Queen Christina to strengthen the Eastern borders, the city initially was called Villmanstrand (“coast wild man”). After the great Northern war ( 1701-1721). there were built fortifications erected shaft, installed South gate. Thus, a city with a population of only 300 people and a hundred soldiers acquires the status of an important border fortress (“linnoitus”).

The war with Russia in 1741-43 he led to the destruction of the fortress of the city and killing its inhabitants, then Villmanstrand became a Russian provincial town. It lived for some time Suvorov, who oversaw the construction of the garrison buildings in the fortress. In 1803. came to the city, Alexander I, and in 1885 and 1891 he was Alexander III.

From 1819 to 1881 in the fortress housed a prison for women convicted of infanticide. Here they had the opportunity to engage in the weaving business. Then the women's prison was transferred to another location until 1881. here were detained the men, and after the civil war - the “red” Finns. In memory of the murdered in the North wall a memorial sign.

In 50-ies of the twentieth century abandoned prison as a result of the reconstruction of the city was demolished.