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Gallery of precious stones

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A gemstone gallery was opened in Kemi in the premises of the former Maritime customs. The building was built in 1912 in art Nouveau style by architect Walter Toman.

Here are collected the richest in Europe collection, consisting of more than 3000 precious stones, minerals and a variety of decorations, donated by the jeweler Teivo'urua in 1994, which were collected with polished and rough stones from early childhood. Collector found or bought their exhibits during numerous trips to different parts of the world.

The Museum is a gold crown, weighing 2 kg, with four large pearls, especially manufactured for the only uncrowned king of Finland - wayno. The exhibition presents copies of the crowns that belonged to the monarchs of great Britain and Scandinavia. Impresses with its exceptional beauty an exact copy of the glittering 647-Yu diamond necklace of Marie Antoinette.

Visiting the Museum, you will hear the mysterious story of the life of kings and their jesters, whose fates are closely connected with shimmering stones.

At a local store you can buy for a lucky stone, jewelry, toys, various Souvenirs, books, stamps and postcards.