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Museum of craft Luostarinmaki under the open sky is located in a unique artisan quarter in the city centre of Turku, near the hill Vahtivuori, preserving the natural environment of the ancient handicraft.

In the end of XVIII - early XIX century, the district built for the lower classes, which included artisans, was a slum. But over time the city expanded and turned Luostarinmaki from the outskirts to the Central part, where is the Museum of folk crafts today.

Wooden workshops and houses tell visitors about the life of Finnish artisans in the XIX - XX centuries. The on-site Museum under the open sky, you can see the house of a sailor, carpenter, manufacturer of tobacco, a one-hour workshop and a residential house 1960. one-bedroom apartment and people living in this place. Here is its own post office and small shop selling sweets, made according to ancient recipes and artisan products.

In late August, the Museum hosts annual craft Week art of international level. In 1984 Luostarinmaki was awarded an international travel prize “the Golden Apple” for the uniqueness and authenticity of old buildings constituting a single whole with its historical location.

Luostarinmaki is an amazing place for tourists, where after an exciting walk in the protected block, you can sit in the cozy restaurant, tasting national dishes of Finnish cuisine - venison steak or baked fish.