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Turku Cathedral

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Turku Cathedral, the main Lutheran Church of Finland and its national Shrine. The Cathedral is the oldest and most valuable monument of Finnish history. The story is closely connected with centuries-old history of his people. He is not only a Museum and a functioning Church, but also a venue for concerts. Patrons of the Cathedral are the Holy virgin Mary and Finland's first Bishop, St. Henrik. Until the end of 1700 years was held in the Cathedral of burial. In different parts of the Church you can see a family memorial plaques and tombstones.

Over the past century of war, the looting and fires ravaged much of the Cathedral. However, some of the treasures preserved and exhibited in the Museum, which is located in the South gallery. The Museum exposition tells about the history of the Church and Church life, since 1300 years. Presented medieval statues of saints, and the utensils of the altar, both domestic and manufactured abroad, of which the most famous is the bowl for washing. The time that followed the era of the Reformation, widely represented by the textiles and silver objects Church decoration that is perfect in his mastery. In the Museum you can also see the stages of construction of the Church.