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Landscape Park “Isopuisto”

Photos and description

Delightful fragrant landscape Park “Isopuisto” is situated on the territory of more than 8ga around the Orthodox Church.Nicholas, built in the neoclassical style by the Russian architect Yakov Perrin in 1799-1801. This Church is very famous valuable unusual icons. Before entering the Church visitors from early spring to late autumn surprises with its beauty blooming flower bed with luxurious tulips and perennial plants.

“Isopuisto” is a favorite place of citizens who manicured lawns for picnics, play ball, do exercises, walking their four-legged Pets. The Park has a small swimming pool for adults and a special area for children.

In honor of the famous Russian physicist A. S. Popov who discovered radio communication between the Finnish Islands, there is a monument and a memorial plate.