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The Museum's "Valley of Mummies-trolls"

Photos and description

This unusual Museum, devoted to the fairy heroes of the books of the writer Tove Jansson, located on the underground floor of the main library (the building is called “grouse” because of its shape).

In the halls of the Museum has a cozy shade that creates a fantastic atmosphere of the magic valley in which they live cheerful family of mummies-trolls. The Museum collection includes 2000 paintings, sketches, book illustrations, made by the writer not only to stories about trolls, but also to the works of Lewis Carroll and George.Tolkien.

Here are the dolls depicting the inhabitants of the valley of mummies-trolls, fairytale scenes from their lives, built layouts 2 Moomin houses.

The pearl of this collection is the large blue building, with a height of 2.5 meters, where on each of 5 floors, from the bathroom to the living room, there is light, and in the corner hidden corridor for hidden treasure. Mounted on the tower dancing of the roof of the lighthouse, always exudes a bright light. The interior of this fabulous home can be viewed by using a computer program. You need only comfortably accommodate and immerse yourself in the magical world of these cute and strange creatures.

In an amazing shop with a copper roof and at the entrance ringing a bell, you can buy various mummy-Souvenirs and books in different languages.