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The Museum Of South Karelia

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The South Karelia Museum, founded in 1963, is a part of the Museum complex of the city of Lappeenranta. It is located in a historic limestone buildings from the XIX century., destined for the artillery warehouses on the territory of the fortress Linnoitus.

The Museum contains exhibits relevant to the history of South Karelia culture and the culture of the Karelian isthmus, represented by the cities Lappeenranta, Vyborg and Priozersk. Folk costumes of the inhabitants of this region, the layout of the pre-war Vyborg and other exhibits gives an insight into the life of the city at the time.

Another Museum exhibition devoted to the foundations of the origin of the city of Lappeenranta, and archaeological finds that reveal the history of transport development of the ancient trade-economic and international relations.

The Museum also holds other historical exhibition, which tells about those times, when this territory belonged to the Swedish Kingdom and Russia Empire.

In the South Karelia Museum provides special tours for children and a games room. The shop sells Souvenirs, jewelry, and also books, postcards, sweets and decorations.