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Museum-estate Kenkavero

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“Kenkavero” Museum-estate of the parish priest, located in the city of Mikkeli on the shores of the lake. The history of this place has more than 5 centuries, the first parsonage was built here in Xvv. The estate of priests has long been the center of life of the local parish and were in close interaction with its environment. They had a great influence on the spiritual culture and improvement of the material status of the inhabitants.

During the long period of its existence, “Cankareva ”had to endure the UPS and downs. In 1988. after a strong decline of the city authorities, received the estate in the property, began to undertake here a thorough restoration.

Manor in Mikkeli year-round offers tourists several interesting handicraft and art exhibitions. In the restaurant you can sample various delicacies, and shop will surprise you with its unique assortment. Here, on the Bank of the river of lake Saimaa in Mikkeli, you can get unforgettable impressions of the meeting of Christmas: fabulous festive atmosphere, a Christmas dinner theater for children in Russian, Santa Claus workshop Christmas crafts and much more.

In summer, the garden at the estate is dissolved a huge number of different flowers and plants - more than 500 species. The entrance to the garden is free.

Museum-estate “Cankareva” is interesting not only from a cognitive point of view: the scenic beauty of the surroundings cannot fail to please the eye and calm the soul.