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Amethyst mine

Photos and description

Amethyst mine near Luosto is the only incumbent in Europe the mine is open to tourists. It is on the top of the mountain Lampivaara, reachable by cable car. The amethyst variety of quartz, considered a “Lappish stone” jewelry which is very popular among local residents.

In close the mine the mining is carried out manually using conventional tools, thereby turning it into a kind of Museum where you can participate in this exciting process. To do this, for a fee, you must become a shareholder in the mine and to the right once a year to personally produce these crystals.

On mine there is a grinding workshop for the processing, where there is sorting and selection of amethysts. Gems sent to Luosto for the manufacture of jewelry, which can be purchased in local stores.

This gem different shades of purple according to an ancient legend, has healing and magical properties. So, take a tour into the mine, you can get a good luck charm.