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Research centre "the Country of knowledge"

Photos and description

"Knowledge" is the exhibition research and educational center in the Finnish city of Oulu are aimed at informative and entertaining acquaintance of the parents and their children with the world discoveries in various fields of science, sports and natural phenomena. Moreover, it is the largest center of its kind in Scandinavia.

180 interactive exhibits for you to try and touch it. In the virtual halls you can go to the mountains to snowboard, walk on the moon, to fly on an airplane and go into space and laugh in a room of distorting mirrors, to visit the holographic room and see a bed of nails or ascend in the glass Elevator to the observation deck, located on 35метровой height.

Anyone can test themselves on the “Diagnosis”. But the most impressive sight of the center is “Supergran” size 16х12 meters, showing documentaries on the traditional areas of science, as well as UFOlogy and parapsychology.

Novelties of the new season is a film about mystical Egypt and the exhibition “Ancient cultures”. In the center are constantly held various thematic exhibitions in a fun and educational way.