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Deer farm

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Small farm reindeer is 7 km from Rovaniemi. Visitors are greeted by the farm Manager, which includes working conditions and with their horned wards.

During the tour you will learn about the culture and life of ancient Lapp, a schedule of the day of reindeer breeder. Here you can sit with him around a campfire, ride in a traditional Lappish sleigh pulled by reindeer through the snowy woods.

Each visitor will carry away not only memorable experiences, but if you want to be able to get a license right here on managing deer - seater vehicle.

After crossing the Arctic circle all those wishing to receive a certificate. Visitors can also take part in the championship on ice fishing. All heroes are invited into the main tent, where takes place the solemn ceremony of initiation into lapdance. Then gala dinner where the main food is a traditional Lappish dish is sautéed reindeer with lingonberries and mashed potatoes.