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The Lenin Museum was opened on 20th January, 1946., the anniversary of the death of Lenin. It is the building Workers in the same area, where in 1905. Lenin and Stalin for the first time held a secret meeting where Lenin promised to advocate for the independence of Finland.

In 20E years it was working the school, whose students then suggested to create a Museum. At the present time the Lenin Museum is the property of the society “Finland - Russia”. In addition, the city and the Ministry of education of Finland provide him financial assistance.

The importance of the Lenin Museum as the encyclopedia of the new era is constantly growing, while in the early 90s of last century, many similar museums around the world, was closed, and unique things irrevocably destroyed.

The main purpose of the Museum - exhibitions devoted to the life and working activities of Lenin, collecting materials on the history of the USSR, connected with the history of Finland and its population.

The collection is constantly growing thanks to the various gifts and purchased things from the world of art, as well as documents.