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Museum center "Vapriikki"

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Museum center "Vapriikki" got its name from the Swedish word “factory”. It is located in Tampere, in a former factory building in one of the former workshops of the plant Tampella industrial history of which began in 1840. with a small blast furnace. Further metallurgical industry merged with the textile industry, but despite the wide range of products - from locomotive to linen - use of these buildings ceased completely in the 1990s.

Currently, “Vapriikki” is a comprehensive Museum center, located on 4 floors, a total area of about 13,000 m2. More than half of the building is reserved for offices, galleries, restoration workshops , research labs and photo archives.

In the course of the year is organised around a dozen different exhibitions, temporary and permanent, is devoted to the archaeology and modern art, history and technology.

“Vapriikki”there is also the Finnish hockey hall of fame, the Shoe Museum and puppet Museum. At the history Museum visitors can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the local flora and fauna of Tampere over the last 10 thousand years. Wishing to study the life of samurai and the history of the kimono, visit the Museum “Inro”.

In the visitors ' center runs a great restaurant and the Museum shop offers a wide selection of books and gifts.