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The Lutheran Cathedral

Photos and description

The main Church of Kotka is a Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral, built in 1898, is of red brick in neo-Gothic style by the project of Josef Stenbeck. Inside 1560 seats. A spacious building with a height of 54M, with a magnificent window of stained glass, beautiful ornaments on the columns and the amazing carved wooden interior is the concert hall to listen to the organ music.

Church organ, with 44 of the register, made Marty Partnerom in the Baroque style in the likeness of the organ in Freiberg Cathedral in Germany was installed in 1998. to commemorate the centenary of the Church. Altarpiece “the adoration of the Magi”, written by Pekka Alaninom, depicts the baby Jesus.

The main Church of Kotka belongs to the diocese of Mikkeli. Visitors are offered guided tours.