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The Church Of Kaleva

Photos and description

Kaleva Church in Tampere, designed by the famous Finnish architect Reima pietilä. This modernist building was built in 1964-1966.

Due to the unusual for the Church external appearance of the locals, the Church of Kaleva was popularly called - “the Silo of souls” (The Grain Silo of souls). The comparison is easy to understand by looking at this soaring building from monolithic concrete. However, the interior of the Church can not fail to impress. It is a surprisingly harmonious combination of light and shadow, space and form, and texture of the materials used - unbleached canvas, ceramic tile and Finnish pine. Church hall calculated on 1120 seats, 115 of which are reserved for the choir.

In the height of the Church of Kaleva is 18 floors. The building has 18 doors, arches and Windows of various shapes made by hand. The altar of the Cathedral is also not quite traditional forms - the cross is not straight, but slightly tilted. On the roof is a cupola with a clock and a cross.