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Museum-estate "Glims"

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In a peasant house "Glims" you can get acquainted with the history of the Finnish peasantry. The estate of "Glims", located in the village of Karvasmäki, was created in the middle ages. The first owner of the estate in 1540, according to legend, was Peder Nielsen. The estate of "Glims" not only was the peasant estate, but also an Inn on the kingsroad and the official residence of the Sheriff (police officer). The last owners of the estate were the family of Lindberga (from 1800 to 1949 years).

In 1958, the manor was turned into a Museum, which naturally shows peasant life in Finland in the middle ages. All the buildings in the Museum area, which recreates the life of the nineteenth century, with the exception of one, stand in their original place.