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Fortress Hame

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The häme fortress is a historic castle with fortified walls of grey stone, subsequently updated red brick, artillery battlements which offer stunning views of the lake Vanajavesi.

The architecture of the building certainly guessed German style. This balcony, replacing the interior doors of the rooms on the second floor and a courtyard decorated with arches with a characteristic ornament.

The castle, built in the XIII century in the fertile terrain of häme, served as a defensive and economic functions and contributed to its social development, with the result that the fortress became the administrative center. Subsequently, after the loss of its strategic significance and the annexation of Finland to Russia, the fortress Hame before 1917 was a Russian Fort.

The oldest building here is well laid out in the yard in case of a siege of the city. In the middle of the XVIII century in one of the rooms of the fortress housed a bakery, a daily vypekatsya for the Swedish army bread and crackers.

In the period from 1837 to 1952гг. in the fortress there was a prison. After the restoration of häme turned into a Museum complex, where in summer the surrounding territory of the Park hosts medieval fairs and city festivals.