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The merchant house of the Hill

Photos and description

Merchant house Hill was built in 1762. of brick after the fire of 1760 destroyed in the city all wooden buildings.

In the house of a merchant of the Hill you can see the decoration and the bat this rich family that lived there in the late XVII century.

Living rooms and rooms located on upper floors of the house, and at the bottom there was a trade proceedings. The attic was reserved for servants.

At the beginning of the previous century. The house of the Hill was opened bakeries. In 1919. the building was bought for the Museum.

Currently, the ground floor regularly hosts exhibitions with regularly changing exhibition. To the property of the Museum also includes two other houses and several outbuildings such as the piggery, carriage house, barns, etc. But in these buildings the access for visitors is closed.

The Museum has a kiosk where you can buy Souvenirs for every taste.