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Museum Kierikki

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In the vicinity of Oulu, at the distance of about 35 km, is a Museum and recreations of the prehistoric man - “Kierikki”. The Centre of the stone age talks about Finnish culture and life in that era.

Already in the IV Millennium BC in Kierikki began to appear permanent settlement of people, whose number grew quite rapidly and whose main method of obtaining food was hunting for seals.

Building “Kierikki” is one of the largest log structures in the world. It hosts various congresses and conferences. For tourists has recently opened a hotel. In the restaurant you can taste homemade dishes and store to buy unique Souvenirs and gifts.

Near the Center, based on the data of archaeological excavations carried out in this area, was erected the stone age Village. Trails leading into the forest from the Village will guide you past the traps for birds and animals of prehistory.

Visitors of “Kierikki” also have the old shooting range, where an experienced instructor will teach everyone the art of archery. But in the Studio you can try yourself in the role of a master, seeing as in prehistoric times made arrowheads from scrap materials.