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The artillery Museum of Finland

Photos and description

The artillery Museum of Finland is a military-historical Museum, originally founded in 1977 in the village Niinisalo in the building of the closed school, have been re-opened to the public after being transferred to Hameenlinna. At the new location for the Museum was allocated the building of the Fortress barracks in 1997.

The main exhibition is located in three-storey building. The first floor is devoted to the history of artillery from the beginning of the XV century, when Finland was part the Swedish Kingdom until the obtaining of autonomy and the Civil war for independence in 1918. In the hall of “Glory to the Fatherland” stored military awards the defense of the country.

The second floor has an exhibit dedicated to the early period of independence (1919), the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-40 and world war II of 1941-45 In the window of the Museum uniforms of the highest Finnish artillery, whose height is 2m 26 see Also here you can see the layout of the gun model 1940.

The third floor tells the history of artillery, garrison life in the barracks, improving the guns from 1945 to 2000s. Here are a collection of tin soldiers from 1812 to 1960.

In the exhibition hall of the artillery, which is located in the old stables are guns that have historical value. Basically, it's the guns, transported by horse traction.

In the Museum yard there is about 100 different guns, including a heavy mortar missile system of Soviet production and honorary howitzer. In the demonstration building shows movies 1939-44. in English, Swedish, German and Finnish.