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The Museum of work "verstas"

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The Museum of work "verstas" was founded in 1993. in historic buildings of the cotton factory “Finlayson”. It is located in the Tampere city centre and has an exhibition area of about 2000 m2, and the Museum occupies 5000 m2 , which is the second largest in Tampere.

In the Museum “verstas” are permanent and temporary exhibitions on national and social history and working life. In the framework of the working Museum operates steam Museum and the Museum of textile industry, as well as a regional tour center. This “verstas” is a universal and multilateral facility for families.

The exhibition of the Museum of the textile industry, visitors will become familiar with different types of yarns and fabrics, and will be able to examine the phases of production, from fiber to fabric.

Since 2011, the entrance to the Museum was made free. “Verstas” is open from Tuesday to Sunday.