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Lookout tower "Naisvuori"

Photos and description

Lookout tower “Naisvuori” is almost in the center of the city and represents the highest point in the city of Mikkeli. The hill on which it is located, the locals called the “female mountain”. This is due to the fact that during the Russo-Finnish war, women had the opportunity to observe ongoing battles with hill.

“Naisvuori” made of white stone in the style of 30s XX century. The Elevator leads up to where the observation deck is located. With the help of binoculars and optical telescopes, you can explore the sights of the city from height of bird's flight.

In summer, the café-restaurant you can enjoy a Cup of coffee, admiring the spreading below the area, or to enjoy traditional Finnish cuisine. Annually, in early June, on the hill held a children's festival. Under the open sky with songs, dancing children are the artists of the puppet theatre etc.