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A saloon car of Mannerheim

Photos and description

A saloon car Mannerheim was built in 1929-30gg. and was under the personal orders of Marshal 1939 1946гг. It consists of a parlor, five bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. In most missions except the Mannerheim in the car was still 1-2.

The caboose commander was part of the train, consisting of locomotive, 2 sleeping cars, dining car, coach to staff, anti-aircraft wagon and a car for transportation of cars.

Mannerheim did over 100 trips in this car. The greatest public interest was aroused by the trip related to his 75th birthday, during which he received personal congratulations from Adolf Hitler. His last trip in this car Mannerheim had already done in as President in 1946.

Restored the car annually is open to visitors only on June 4, the birthday of Mannerheim, from 10.00 to 17.00.