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Children's manor toys

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Children's manor of toys in the Finnish city of Kuopio is an entertainment center with many attractions and various toys. It is located in the health-improving water centre Rauhalahti. After plenty of toys, children can go see a theatrical performance involving the same dolls or circus performance, and also to go on a trip to Dreamland. Here you can learn horse riding or clown art.

For Christmas here in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, comes the Finnish Santa Claus and his assistants - the dwarves, who tell stories, arrange competitions, singing along with a song children at the time, as Santa Claus listens to the deepest desires of the little ones and handing out Christmas gifts. Leaving their children in safe hands, parents can go on winter fishing, where specifically they are built for fishing village and cut holes in the ice.

In the Magic shop at the estate you will find yourself in a real Paradise for children toys for every taste and color.