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The house-Museum Volkova

Photos and description

The house-Museum of Volkov - an old wooden merchant's house, built for many years, from 1826 to 1905 in the heart of Lappeenranta, near the town hall.

Initially, the owner of the building was a rich merchant, Cloudly, then in 1872, ownership of the house passed to the Russian merchant, the former serf Ivan Volkov, who became the progenitor of four generations of a trading dynasty. His descendants in 1983 gave the famous house of the city, and in 1993 it opened a Museum depicting the merchant's life of those times and to preserve the Orthodox traditions.

The interior of the house Museum contains a unique household and antique items and jewelry. The building inspection begins with a visit to the women's bedrooms and bathrooms, and then, passing through the living room, office and dining room, you are in the other bedroom, located next to the children's room and kitchen.

On the Museum site is a small bakery that is still on classic recipes baked traditional Russian bread. In the restaurant “Volkoff”, which opened in 1998, world-class chefs will prepare for you a delicious lunch.

In a small shop in the house Museum, you'll be able to purchase rasliani Souvenirs and gifts for your friends and loved ones, especially on the eve of Easter and Christmas. These days the Museum becomes a place of celebration and festivals.

The house Museum is open daily, but only in the summer.