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Golden Village "Tarkvara" - Museum of the history of gold

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Museum of the history of gold - this is the most Northern international Museum. It is located in Lapland, in a small village Tankavaara, located an hour drive North of Sondaicus.

In these places, in the near Ivalo river, in 1868.began the first boom of the gold rush. In the early 1900s there were plenty of enterprises on exploration of gold. Now this place grew a Golden village with a unique exhibition. The outdoor area built copies of buildings from different Golden villages of the world. The exhibition is called “Auraria”. On its territory tourists can feel the atmosphere of the days of the gold boom.

The building of the Museum of the history of gold built in the shape of a round pan for washing the gold. It operates year round and is a public value, and therefore is funded by the state. The Museum presents exhibits from more than 20 countries. The first exhibition devoted to the history of gold mining in Lapland.

For 35 years, the Museum adds to its collection. Moreover, during this time, he managed to turn into a research center. Today, every summer there is the open championship of Finland zolotovskaya.

If you're lucky, and you will be able to find a large nugget and take it with you. Incidentally, the largest nugget weighing in at 39.6 oz., was found by a tourist. And in the local bar you can enjoy a liqueur with gold flakes.