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The cavalry Museum of Lappeenranta

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Lappeenranta historically known as the city of cavalry. In 1809 Finland became an Autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire, and previously was part of Sweden. In 1878 the country had created its own army, the so called “Old army.” The Finnish Dragoon regiment in 1889 settled in Lappeenranta, where it was specially built barracks. In 1947, the history of cavalry in Finland has ended, but the tradition and heritage still preserved thanks to the involvement of various foundations and associations.

The cavalry Museum of Lappeenranta is located on the territory of the oldest city buildings - the fortress Linnoitus - in the former guard house, built in 1722. Local authorities and funds put a lot of effort to create in 1973 the exhibition of the collection devoted to the thirty years war of 1618-1648 years.

Collected here are expensive antique paintings and engravings depicting exciting historical battles of those years. Also visitors will see vintage silicon gun XVIII century, the uniforms of the soldiers of that time, the old black-and-white photo, which shows fragments from the life of the aristocracy, and to learn about the history of the army.

Cavalry Museum is open in summer and autumn, in winter and in summer by prior arrangement.