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The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

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The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum is located in a Park of Oulu. This provincial Museum of cultural history was founded in 1896. After a fire in 1929. wooden Villa in which he then located, and some Museum exhibits were destroyed. The construction of a new stone building on the project Oiva Kallio was completed in 1931.

The Museum's four floors occupied by the main exhibition is 1,100 m2. The lower floor of the Museum is reserved for seasonal and children's exhibitions. Exposure for children based on the books by Finnish children's writer Mauri Kunnas. On the ground floor is a large - scale layout of the pre-war centre of Oulu in 1938. The main exhibitions are held on other floors. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections that cover the history of the region from all sides - prehistory, the way of life of the peasants, the Church, industry, culture, etc.