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Hippodrome "Ravirata"

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Equestrian sports are very popular in Finland. In 1909. as a result of the breeding work, there was developed a special purebred Finnish horses. For the first time in Lappeenranta equestrian events took place in 1817. Then they became annual.

In 1973, the city had built a large racetrack “Ravirata” 570 seats. At the same time there was held the first horse race. Every year, the Racecourse is visited by about one million spectators.

Every year at the racetrack happens main cultural event - Royal run, causing the audience a storm of positive emotions. Everyone is welcome to make bets in races on the tote, feeling himself on the grace of fate.

Tourists are attracted here not only jump, but also equestrian competitions in show jumping steeplechase and dressage, in which competing participants from different parts of the country.