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Bridge Of Adancurile

Photos and description

Bridge of Adancurile is not just one of the attractions, but simvolom Rovaniemi. It connects the banks of the Kemijoki river, kotosonova-raft.

A huge arrow in the middle of the bridge is equipped with a fire that lights up noneellama, and serves as a beacon for travellers. It takes its acalanatha bridge, which is translated from Finnish sounds like "candle rafters".

In 1983. Road administration, Lapland has announced a competition for the best projectmate. The construction of the bridge lasted two years. Solemn has attritionists 18 September 1989.

The length of the bridge reaches 327м, height - 47m and the width is 25.5 m. Here there are four lanes for cars. Moreover, also prisutstvuyuschie with Bicycle paths on both sides.

The best views of the bridge from the other city bridges. Unpreceden especially at night when it lights many lights, including lights nobey the towers of the bridge.